We are a children’s educational company writing fun and inspiring material for the school curriculum through our delightful range of ‘Just Moo’.

We pride our work on creating healthy, active and thought conscious role-models for children of all ages focusing upon world relevant topics and most importantly making learning fun!

Being parents we noticed a niche in the market for a set of real life characters, (not pigs or teddies or dolls in high heels!) who could teach children about a healthier happier outlook on life whilst being educational at the same time. All too often children who struggle at school can be left feeling clueless and uninvolved under a mountain of bland textbooks; which is when learning through characters and an upbeat story-line really comes to life.

We recognise the world is a changing place, and time brings new meaning to the word ‘family’. We have therefore focused our characters of a Nanny, Granddad, Mummy, Daddy, son Michael, daughter Millie and puppy Moo upon an all-involved family. Children can learn to bake with their ‘Mum’, grow vegetables with their ‘Granddad’, learn craft with their ‘Nanny’ and play sports with their ‘Dad’ so that nobody need miss out on essential life skills.

We have a beautiful range of children’s fun educational books, revision, games, toys and accessories to bring a sparkle to your little ones eye. So be our guest, take a look around our website by clicking on the link below and, welcome to our home!

It has been inspiring to hear from parents writing to us with various issues that their children face, from racism to illness, bereavement and bullying; we feel very fortunate to be able to help children through our work.

Please do take a look at our website, see what we are all about and then contact us to see how you might be able to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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